Husan Ammar headshot 01 01Ammar Husan, MD is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Associate Director of Undergraduate Medical Education in Family Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport. Dr. Husan blends his passion for teaching medical students and residents with providing exceptional comprehensive patient care.

Dr. Husan grew up in Long Island, New York where he pursued dual degrees in Biology and Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University. He completed his medical studies at the Medical University of the Americas in St. Kitts and Nevis, while simultaneously pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Management through Davenport University in Michigan. His educational journey then led him to Baylor School of Medicine in Houston where he had the privilege to be a part of Department of Defense funded - Traumatic Brain Injury Research Project. He completed his Family Medicine residency at LSU Health Shreveport Louisiana

We asked Dr. Husan how he chose to become a physician. He states, “My father, though he never explicitly pushed me towards medicine, often spoke with reverence about the significant impact his family doctor had on him and his community back in his village. These stories planted the seeds of inspiration, nurturing my aspiration to pursue a career in medicine. I fondly remember my dad saying on multiple occasions, ‘Listen to patients with compassion, remember that you are an instrument in helping them improve their health.’” He continues about how he chose to specialize in Family Medicine, “My passion for Family Medicine was ignited by its comprehensive scope – from making infants giggle to discussing end-of-life wishes. My inspiration was further fueled during a chance encounter with
Dr. Michael Harper, an academic family medicine physician whose profound impact on his patients and dedication to teaching solidified my desire to pursue this specialty. His ability to connect with entire families and contribute to global health initiatives was truly inspiring.”

Dr. Husan works hard every day to incorporate his personal motto, “A good physician treats the disease. A great physician treats the patient who has the disease”- Sir William Osler into his practice. “My favorite aspect of family medicine is the close relationships I build with my patients. I strive to be accessible and approachable, treating them like my own family.” He continues, “Every patient interaction as a family physician is a unique story and has been memorable. Whether it's sharing in the joy of a patient's pregnancy or assisting them through health challenges, each experience is unique and profound. The privilege of being intimately involved in my patients' lives is unparalleled.”

Dr. Husan describes how he chose a career in academic medical education, “Academic medicine resonated with me immediately, offering an ideal blend of teaching and clinical practice. It's deeply fulfilling to mentor medical students and residents, helping shape their medical knowledge and empathy. Knowing I play a part in their journey, regardless of the specialty they choose, is both a privilege and a humbling responsibility. I have been very fortunate to be given an opportunity in my institution to be both Director of Undergraduate Medical Education and Medical Director of Family Medicine Inpatient Services allowing me to be fully emersed in mentoring the next generation of future doctors. Receiving the Faculty of the Year award in 2022 and being a two-time recipient of the Preceptor of the Year honor are some of my cherished achievements.”

Dr. Husan also has a special interest in Sports Medicine. “Beyond my core responsibilities, I have a deep-seated passion for sports medicine. This interest extends beyond the clinic as I actively volunteer my time with the sports medicine department. As a ringside physician, I cover a range of sporting events, from USA Boxing to USA Judo, and even LARCA Rodeo. This role not only allows me to apply my medical expertise in dynamic and challenging environments but also enables me to support athletes in achieving their best performance while ensuring their health and safety. My involvement in these diverse sports disciplines underscores my commitment to comprehensive care in both family and sports medicine.”

Dr. Husan is married to his beautiful wife, Sahreen, who is completing her family medicine residency at LSU Health Shreveport. Together they have 2 inquisitive, energetic children, Anaya and Moustaf. Dr. Husan had the special opportunity to deliver Moustafa during his residency. As a family, they stay busy with soccer, gymnastics, karate and T-ball.

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