we-need-youAre you eligible to serve on an LAFP Committee? If you are a Student, Resident or Active Member, you are!
LAFP Committees are appointed by the President with the advice and concurrence of the Board of Directors. Member involvement is important to the strategic direction of the LAFP. The charge and activities of each committee provide leadership and direction on a variety of LAFP initiatives. Become part of our invigorating efforts to advance the specialty of family medicine, strengthen the health care workforce and enhance your ability to provide high quality, cost-effective patient care to your communities.
Please review the committee summaries below and decide where you'd like to be involved.  If you are interested in participating in a LAFP committee, please indicate your interest by submitting your online application.


Committee on Education

Chaired by Zach Pray, MD
The Committee on Education defines the LAFP educational mission statement and ensures that the LAFP is working to fulfill it. This committee also works to periodically assess the educational needs of LAFP members, develops learning objectives consistent with those identified educational needs, identifies speakers capable of meeting those learning objectives and assess the effectiveness of its educational activities in meeting the educational needs of LAFP members. This committee is also charged with maintaining contact and cooperation with the AAFP Commission on Continuing Medical Education and to ensure continued compliance with requirements for certification by the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). The Committee on Education is also responsible for planning the LAFP Annual Assembly and Scientific Program and other continuing education activities as deemed necessary by the LAFP and its members.

Committee on Legislation and Advocacy

Chaired by Richard Bridges, MD
The Legislative and Advocacy Committee assumes a proactive approach in the health care delivery system by maintaining legislative awareness that allows proactive responses in any area of importance to the members of the LAFP and their patients. The committee directs all state legislative activities of the LAFP in accordance with the actions and policies of the General Assembly and advises the LAFP as to the appropriate course of action to achieve its legislative goals.

Committee on Membership

Chaired by Jody George, MD
The Membership Committee oversees membership recruitment and retention efforts of the LAFP.  The committee evaluates and advise the Board of Directors on issues of concern to all membership segments and evaluates partnership rebates and practice management resources.

Committee on Operations

Chaired by Bryan Picou, MD
The Operations Committee supervises the financial transactions of the Academy by  the keeping track of the Academy‚Äôs accounts, operational costs, and approving all expenditures incurred in maintaining the LAFP headquarters office building including all property.  Periodically, the committee will review the Bylaws and make recommendations for changes, deletions, or modifications in order to maintain the integrity and consistency of the Bylaws.  This committee also evaluates Academy projects and recommends to the Board of Directors any initiative which would aid in the long-range planning of the Academy.

Committee on Resident and Student Leadership

Chaired by Resident & Student Leaders
The Resident and Student Leadership Committee serves to provide a forum for resident and student members of the LAFP to meet and discuss problems and solutions regarding Family Medicine policy, primary care physician recruitment, clinical skills assessment and improvement, and leadership development.  The Committee helps to support and encourage the choice of Family Medicine as a specialty and coordinate efforts in recruitment and programming between residents and students in the state.  Other functions of the committee include: evaluate and advise the Board of Directors on issues unique to medical students and Family Medicine residents; facilitate the LAFP Mentorship Program amongst students, residents, and practicing physicians; assists in planning resident and student conferences and  activities; and assists in the promotion of LAFP information and events to residency programs and FMIGs.  
If you are interested in becoming an LAFP Committee Member, please SIGN UP TODAY or contact the LAFP office at 225.923.3313.

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