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The LAFP uses Voter Voice to rally its members when a legislative effort is needed. Below is a brief description on how to register. The Grassroots Action Center can be used to answer a call to action or find legislation, as well as identify and contact your legislators.
Please take a moment to visit the Voter Voice Grassroots Action Center and register. The Louisiana Legislature has placed restrictions on who can respond to calls to action by allowing only those individuals who reside in the district of the legislator to contact them. Please double check that you have registered with your home address as opposed to your work address to ensure you will be able to contact your legislator when we send out our call to action alerts.
Want to get involved in the legislative process?

2024 Bill Tracking

On the Internet: Access the Louisiana State Legislature's Web site Once the site opens, choose Committees (top menu bar in red) to view the dates, times and agendas for upcoming committee meetings. Also, on the Louisiana State Legislature's homepage scroll down to the section, Today at the Louisiana Capitol, and click on the TV icon (alt) to view the LIVE House and Senate broadcasts. If there is no TV icon next to a meeting in progress, that meeting is not being broadcast.  

Capitol Contacts

House: Phone 225.342.6945 | Fax 225.342.8336 | PO Box 94062, Baton Rouge LA 70804
Senate: Phone 225.342.2040 | Fax 225.342.0617 | PO Box 94183, Baton Rouge LA 70804
Governor: Phone 225.342.7015 | Fax 225.342.7099 | PO Box 94004, Baton Rouge LA 70804

Web Resources

Governor's Office News & Events -
LA Board of Ethics -

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Your LaFamPac Dollars at Work:

  • Protect medicaid reimbursement from larger cuts
  • Prohibit further expansion of other providers and disciplines into primary care scope of practice
  • Thwart regulations that add to administrative overload and impede patient access to quality care


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