67th General Assembly – July 4, 2014 – Destin, FL  
Report by: Derek Anderson, MD, Speaker, LAFP General Assembly
Daniel Jens, MD, Vice-Speaker, LAFP General Assembly  
The 67th annual General Assembly convened on July 4th in Destin, FL. Speaker Derek Anderson, MD and Vice Speaker Daniel Jens, MD, presided as around forty members and guests discussed issues and elected officers for the upcoming year. The meeting provided members with addresses from David Carmouche, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA; and Reid Blackwelder MD, AAFP President.
During the meeting, after the annual reading of the necrology report honoring our members who have left us in the past year, the Bylaws Committee Report was presented to the membership for approval of the 2014 revised Bylaws.  During the 2013 AAFP Congress of Delegates, several amendments to the AAFP Bylaws were adopted. Due to these changes, amendments are necessary to the LAFP Bylaws. These amendments include:
1. Chapter IV, Membership, Section 2 Classification, A. Active members (page 4) of the bylaws were amended so that family physicians practicing locum tenens in a federal facility and family physicians whose employment does not require them to have an active medical license, be allowed to join AAFP/LAFP or transfer their membership to a chapter in a state in which they are not licensed. These members must still be licensed to practice somewhere within the United States.
Prior to this amendment, the licensure requirements presented challenges for some family physicians. Primarily, two different groups were impacted: 1.) Family physicians practicing locum tenens in a federal facility that have a license but not in the state where they are practicing; and 2.) family physicians whose employment does not require them to hold an active medical license. AAFP staff will provide chapters with verification of licensure for applicants that fall under this bylaws provision when forwarding applications for approval.
2. Inactive membership eligibility requirements – Chapter IV, Membership, Section 2 Classification, B. Inactive members (page 5) of the bylaws previously stated that “members who are totally retired from the practice of medicine with less than (20) years continued membership” were eligible for inactive membership. The amendment removed the term “from the practice of medicine.” Members who are totally retired would be eligible for inactive membership under this provision. Individuals who are still earning an income are eligible for active membership, which simply requires that they be family medicine residency trained and licensed.
3. Defining a member in good standing - Chapter IV, Membership, Section 3 Good Standing (page 8) of the bylaws removed the term “not under disciplinary action” and replaced it with “duly licensed to practice medicine” as one of the caveats for being a member in good standing. This section of the bylaws now reads:
SECTION 3. Good Standing. A member in good standing shall be one whose current dues and assessments, if any, have been paid in accordance with the provision of these Bylaws, who is duly licensed to practice medicine, and who has met the applicable CME requirements during the period of the preceding three (3) years as set forth in these Bylaws and the Bylaws of the AAFP.
A member who is on probation or has limitations/restrictions on his/her license but is still able to practice medicine according to the Louisiana state licensing board is considered a member in good standing.
4. Relocations – Chapter IV, Membership, Section 6 (page 9) of the bylaws were amended so that members who do not transfer their membership within six months of relocating shall, upon verification of eligibility of membership, be automatically relocated to the chapter where they practice or reside. If membership eligibility cannot be verified in the new chapter where the member practices or resides, then the member shall be notified that after 30 days their membership will be canceled. Staff will reach out to these individuals prior to their cancellation to find out the reason why they are not licensed or if there is another circumstance affecting their relocation.
The bylaws previously allowed members one year to transfer their membership. Despite repeated requests via email and postal mail, many members never submit a relocation application. This amendment will ensure that the member receives benefits from the appropriate chapter and that the chapter receives dues support from that member for the benefits it is providing.
These final proposed revised bylaws are being submitted to the 2014 General Assembly in Destin for consideration and were adopted.
The 2014-2015 LAFP Board of Directors were elected and are as follows:
President: Melvin Bourgeois, MD - Morgan City, LA
President-Elect:                                Brian Elkins, MD - Alexandria, LA
Vice President:                                  James Taylor, MD - Zachary, LA
Secretary:                                            Chris Foret, MD - Franklinton, LA
Treasurer:                                            Bryan Picou, MD - Natchitoches, LA
Immediate Past-President:         Michael Harper, MD - Shreveport, LA
Speaker:                                               Derek Anderson, MD - Baton Rouge, LA
Vice-Speaker/GA:                            Daniel Jens, MD - Mandeville, LA
AAFP Delegate:                                 Russell Roberts, MD - Shreveport, LA
AAFP Delegate:                                 Marguerite Picou, MD - Natchitoches, LA
AAFP Alternate Delegate:            James Campbell, MD - Kenner, LA
AAFP Alternate Delegate:                  Bryan Picou, MD - Natchitoches, LA
Resident Representative:            Keisha Harvey, MD - Bogalusa, LA
Resident Alternate:                        Francis Tran, MD - Alexandria, LA
Student Representative:                                       Kelly Reed - Shreveport, LA
Student Alternate: Amanda Olivier - New Orleans, LA
District1 Director                                                        Mary Coleman, MD - New Orleans, LA
District 1 Alternate William Woessner, MD - New Orleans, LA
District 2 Director                                                         Daniel Jens, MD - Mandeville, LA
District 2 Alternate Luis Arencibia, MD - Mandeville, LA
District 3A Director                         Jack Heidenreich, MD - Raceland, LA
District 3A Alternate                       Camille Pitre, MD - Larose, LA
District 3B Director                            Indira Gautam, MD - Lafayette, LA
District 3B Alternate                        Zeb Stearns, MD - Eunice, LA
District 4 Director                               Ricky Jones, MD - Shreveport, LA
District 4 Alternate                          Gregory Bell, MD - Coushatta, LA
District 5 Director                                                        Tahir Quayyum, MD - Bastrop, LA
District 5 Alternate Tobe Momah, MD - West Monroe, LA
District 6A Director                                                  Phillip Ehlers, MD - Baton Rouge, LA
District 6A Alternate Carol Smothers-Swift, MD - New Roads, LA
District 6B Director                           Kevin Plaisance, MD - Covington, LA
District 6B Alternate                        Richard Bridges, MD - Amite, LA
District 7 Director                              Jason Fuqua, MD - Sulphur, LA
District 7 Alternate                          Jody George, MD - Lake Charles, LA
District 8 Director                            Jonathan Hunter, MD - Alexandria, LA
District 8 Alternate             Matthew Erickson, MD
Director at Large                                           Admir Seferovic, MD, Innis, LA
Alt. Director at Large                       Esther Holloway, MD - Coushatta, LA
Reports were given by each of the committee chairs on the work that had been done over the past year.  After completing our business by early afternoon, Dr. Anderson called for an adjournment. We hope everyone enjoyed their time in Destin. We look forward to seeing you all next year in New Orleans! If you would like to see the revised Bylaws, click here.
Click here to view the 2014 General Assembly Minutes.

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