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Do you have a vision for Family Medicine?  If you are looking to have a voice, NOW is the time for YOU to get involved with the many opportunities that the LAFP has to offer!

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Choosing a Louisiana Family Medicine Residency.

Strolling Through the Match
Making the appropriate decisions about your professional career and learning more about the process of getting post-graduate training is very important when choosing a residency program. The resources below will guide you and summarize all specialty information, establish timelines, and organize checklists and reference materials.
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Phase 1 - Planning

Phase 2 - ERAS

  • Contact the Dean's office to determine when ERAS tokens will be available
  • Complete your application and designation list on the ERAS website
  • Request USMLE transcripts and letters of recommendation and compose CV and personal statement

Phase 3 - Preparing for Residency Interviews

  • After months of paperwork and preparation, residency interviews finally give you the chance to find out how the programs on your list compare. Knowing what to anticipate from the residency interview experience and how to prepare will help you be confident during each meeting. Learn More


Choose Family Medicine 

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Know all the Facts and Explore a Career in Family Medicine
Family Medicine is a medical specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive primary health care for individuals and families. Being a family physician allows you to focus on the whole patient. Specialists focus on a specific disease, disorder or organ. Family medicine is a "customizable" specialty allowing a broad scope of practice ranging from urban settings, rural settings or academic family medicine. Family medicine is centered on the personal relationship with patients sometimes treating the entire family. 
Family Medicine integrates the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences, and its scope encompasses all ages, both sexes, each organ system and every disease entity. Family Medicine includes health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in a variety of health care settings.  Family physicians serve as the entry point for most of a patient's health care needs and more patients are seen by family doctors than any other specialty. Family physicians are advocates for the patient in coordinating the use of the entire health care system and take continuing responsibility for providing the patient's long-term care. 

Strolling Through the Match

This publication was developed to help you make appropriate decisions about your professional career and to learn more about the process of getting post-graduate training. Download the document (104 page PDF) or order a free copy through the AAFP catalog. 

Awards and Scholarships

Membership in the LAFP/AAFP gives you exclusive access to several awards and scholarships that help residents and students offset the costs of their training and education - but you have to be a member to access them. There are also several opportunities that make traveling to national meetings attractive.
View the available awards and scholarships for residents and students.


Representing more than 1,900 members, the LAFP ensures the voice of family medicine is clearly heard, advocating for you and your patients. 
Learn more about the legislative priorities for 2024.
Also, follow the Advocacy Action Center during the session and receive continuous updates.


Family Medicine Interest Groups are an excellent resource for students interested in exploring family medicine. FMIGs encourage the development of clinical skills in medical students and promote opportunities for medical students to share their knowledge and skills.

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LAFP's official publication, this quarterly journal features excellent articles.

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