Tools and Resources
LA Medicaid - Primary website and portal for physicians providing Medicaid services in the "fee-for-service" program. This site is maintained by Molina, which is the current Medicaid fiscal intermediary.
Medicaid Provider Manuals - The provider manuals for fee-for-service or legacy Medicaid can be accessed here.
Medicaid Fee Schedules - A compendium of the Medicaid fee-for-service fee schedules. For those providers in Bayou Health, these fee schedules represent the floor that may be reimbursed to contracted providers.
Medicaid State Plan - This document is required by the federal government and is the sole governing document of the Louisiana Medicaid program.
Medicaid Eligibility Manual - This document sets forth all eligibility categories and requirements for the program.
Medicaid Annual Reports - This document is produced on an annual basis by DHH and generally covers financial information on a fiscal basis with a two-year lag.

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