The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs provide financial incentives for the meaningful use of certified EHR technology to improve patient care.
To receive an EHR incentive, you must show that you're using your EHR system in a meaningful way by meeting specific requirements. These requirements, or objectives, have been established by CMS for eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAHs).
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There are three stages of objectives with increasing requirements for participation in the program. Providers must attest to demonstrating meaningful use every year to receive an incentive and avoid Medicare payment adjustments.

Services, Eligibility and Benefits

The LHIT Resource Center, as a trusted advisor, offers a wide scope of services based on the provider's current level of EHR adoption. These services include:
In addition to these services, the LHIT Resource Center offers customized service options tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice. This may include any of the services listed above with regard to any stage of Meaningful Use.
All Louisiana health care providers are eligible for services, which are provided at reasonable fees. Providers that meet federal priority primary care provider (PPCP) qualification standards may be eligible to receive discounted services.
Discounted services are also available to eligible specialty care providers through the Medicaid Specialists Program. These specialty care providers must have 30 percent or greater Medicaid patient volume; must not have received a Year 2 payment from Medicaid; and must not be under another contract for REC direct assistance.
Benefits of LHIT Resource Center services include:
  • Management of project timelines, expectations and accountability for contract requirements
  • Access to a neutral, credible source for information on health IT and EHRs
  • Continued support to your practice beyond EHR installation and meaningful use achievement
  • Guidance through all stages of meaningful use
  • Facilitation of your timely registration to receive meaningful use incentive payments, if applicable
  • Availability of programming to assist you in meeting additional goals such as NCQA
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition
For more information, contact the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum at 225.334.9299 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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